DESERT Training made us MEN


42 Days and 41 Nights in the Chihuahuan Desert will change your perspective on stamina and agility training... 

I never knew much about the desert.


I was 40 years old, divorced, and  living paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment outside of Wexford, PA.

It wasn't much of a shock to my boss when I handed him my resignation letter and told him I was moving to the Chihuahuan desert.

What was at first a dream, quickly descended to being a nightmare....

Nights in Juárez were cold, and the days were blisteringly hot.

Desert life dries out your skin from the immense dehydration- Potable water was scarce and became quite a luxury.

 You're constantly searching for a bathroom that was even slightly sanitary, and often my bowel movements ranged from being stressful to the extent of agonizing (to say the least).... 

I lived in the back of my 76 Dodge Tradesman with only $212.00 to my name. I found a small RV park off of Route 2 where I parked my van, and for a little over a month, called this place my home.

The people I met around the area were either drifters or vagrant.To say that my new neighbors didn't prioritize personal hygiene would be an understatement.  

These people were unkempt and carefree. 

encountered had a story that was seldom shared. The desert to them was an escape. 

I would often assume it was an escape either from law-enforcement or some kind of reality that most people couldn't comprehend. People at the RV park would stare at me every morning during my extensive stretch routine

What they didn't know was that my "escape" to Juárez was to train for a Ragnar relay.

They thought we were crazy for what we did.

Sometimes, I agreed with them.